Rescue Platform (RP3)

The RP3 is an inflatable rescue platform for the recovery of casualties primarily in flooded areas, mud, ice and marsh environments.

With catamaran style sponsons, the RP3 provides a stable working platform and with its large, flat, open-toped surface recovering casualties over the side is far simpler than with an equivalently sized rescue sled. Where necessary the platform can be used in conjunction with a rescue craft, and is easily paddled or line transferred.

When secured alongside a rescue craft the RP3 acts as a transfer platform to facilitate the recovery of casualties from the water, especially those on spinal boards.

In addition to spinal boards, a variety of different rigid stretchers designs can be secured on top of the platform and subsequently maneuvered to safety.

The rescue platform packs away into a light and compact carrying valise, and is easily inflated using bellows, pumps or a B.A. cylinder and regulator.

  • Non-slip top surface
  • Versatile
  • Stable
  • Robust and low maintenance
  • Quickly deployable
  • Compact storage
  • Easy to transport, both inflated and deflated