Hydrospeed (RS1)

The RS1 Rescue Sled is an inflatable hydrospeed craft for negotiating fast flowing turbulent water.

Fully inflatable, the RS1 is light and portable. The raised, rounded bow and generous buoyancy make it fast and easy to manouvre whether you are traveling with, across, or against fast flowing water.

The user lies flat on the board holding onto the two handles that are situated at the front of the sled. The user will wear fins on their feet for propulsion and steering. The sled is designed to go through white water with ease and speed.

  • Exceptionally tough and durable, built from high quality Hypalon/Neoprene materials.
  • Rapid inflation and deployment
  • Easily launched into rough water
  • Raised bow for improved performance
  • Can be towed by rescue craft
  • Minimal training, servicing and maintenance costs