0.5 Bar High Lifting Bags

MFC International offer a comprehensive range of low pressure Airlift cushions designed Primarily for the recovery of vehicles.

Used For:

  1. Road Traffic
  2. Incidents
  3. Light Aircraft crash
  4. Rescue of Animals
  5. Raising Submerged
  6. Vehicles and small Craft

  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Provide a strong and steady lift to stabilize a vehicle and improve access to casualties
  • These cushions have a large contact area which means they uniformly distribute lift pressure across a large surface area, making them suitable for lifting at weak points of a vehicle such as the roof, sides, wings, bonnet and boot
  • Exceptionally Stable
  • Strong and Durable
  • Non Slip top surface
  • Webbing loops assist with lifting and positioning the cushions, and can be used as anchorage points
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Large lift capacity and height
  • Controlled deflation capability