The Powermat is a heavy duty, high pressure lifting cushion designed primarily for lifting vehicles and objects in emergency situations. Deflated, the Powermat has a very slim profile making it suitable for use in restricted or awkward spaces and compact to store.

Available in 13 standard sizes with maximum lifting capacities from 1 tonne right up to 68 tonne.

The Powermat inflates rapidly offering an instant lift. The most convenient source of air supply for inflation is a BA cylinder or scuba bottle, alternatively a compressor, factory airline supply or a truck air brake supply.

Due to its rapid response capability the Powermat is ideally suited to emergency rescue situations, however it is an exceptionally versatile piece of equipment that also has applications in USAR, industry, mining, railroad construction/maintenance and the armed forces.

  • Lightweight, can be carried by one person
  • Durable construction
  • Lift objects weighing
    up to 68 tonne
  • Slimline for restricted space and
    compact storage
  • Low maintenance
  • Safety lock coupling